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Who is a member of the Alumni Association?
If you earned a degree / diploma / certificate from International Maritime Institute , you are a member for life. There are no dues to pay. The only thing you need to do is keep your contact information current.
What privileges I get, if I register?
If you are registered at the portal, you get following benefits:
  • Update Your Profile : You can update your profile / record
  • Search Directory: You can find your classmates and fellow alumni
  • Friend List: You can make new friends and be connected
  • Career: You can post and view jobs by other alumni
  • Alumni Board: You can post a message to inform fellow alumni of your activities
How do I register to Alumni portal?
  • Registration Step 1
    On clicking the tab “Registration”, the following details are to be filled:
    • - First Name:
    • - Pass Out Year
    List of alumni with the given first name appears. The list contains alumni’s full name along with course particulars and pass out year. The alumni can click their own credentials.
  • Registration Step 2
    After clicking on one’s name, the following details will be asked:
    • - Enrollment number
    • - Date of Birth
    • - Email Address
    • - Mobile No
    An auto generated e-mail will be sent to alumni’s given email address with login credentials.
How do I get my transcript sent?
You can email your request at